Hero's Diary: Day 1, Part 10
10/12/29 at 00:55 EST

"I'm in despair!"

There it was: an elderly dwarf huddled in the corner of the cavern, banging a large mallet against the stony ground, wallowing in some form of misery.

"Excuse me?" Etranger, at the head of the pack, was the first to lend her concern. "What's the matter?"

"It's my granddaughter!" Gaspacho replied. "She's gone! Why!? Oh, Maria..."

Etranger covered her mouth in shock. "I'm...so sorry for your loss."

"Sorry ain't gonna bring her back to me!" he howled back. "If I can't be with her, I should just kill myself right now!"

"H-hold on!" Pirohiko butt in. "Don't do anything drastic! Your dead granddaughter wouldn't want you to squander your time remaining like this! And," he mumbled to me, "we'll fail the mission, too."

"What're you blathering about, boy?" Gaspacho snapped back. "Maria's not dead."

"...What?" Etranger asked.

"If my dear Maria were actually dead, I'd have killed myself already!"

"But you said she was gone..."

"She is gone! I haven't seen her in over an hour!" Gaspacho slammed his mallet on the ground again. "She ran off into the depths of the dungeon!"

Etranger remained frozen in place for a moment, presumably lost in thought. Then, without a word, she moved onward, deeper into the cavern.

"Etranger?" Pirohiko reached for her. I thought it was a silly gesture; he was nowhere near her and ended up looking like some over-dramatic cartoon character. After she had gone, he turned back to Gaspacho. "Listen, if your granddaughter is still in this dungeon, then we could go find her and bring her back to you!"

"Who's we!?" he snapped back. "You and this pipsqueak?"

Ouch. That was harsh.

"Hold on! He may look like a timid, cowardly, fragile, meek, shrimpy weakling, but he has an indomitable spirit!"

That wasn't much better.

"You're serious!?" Gaspacho began smashing the ground with his mallet again, whining. "Now I'm really in despair!"

Pirohiko clenched his fist. "Just give him a chance! You'll see; he'll bring your granddaughter back without so much as a scratch on her! Come on!"

...There we go: I've been dragged into something else. Thanks for making life so full of opportunity, Guardian Angel Pirohiko. Thanks.
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