Hero's Diary: Day 1, Part 6
10/12/06 at 13:25 EST

The bratty girl and the dead guy continued their conversation, and I continued to phase in and out; I wasn't really paying attention to anything until either of them spoke about me. Or to me. I wasn't really paying attention.

My attention didn't kick back into the On position until the girl whined, "Just who the hell are you, anyway? I don't remember inviting a bonehead like you in!"

I swallowed quickly and opened my mouth. "Pirohiko," the dead man told her. "I'm his guardian angel! Where he goes, I go."

Great. First he forces this gaudy belt on me and makes me take part in a dangerous play - one of the lead roles, in fact - and now he's committed his wandering soul to stalking me.

"His guardian angel?!" she asked. More like shouted, really. She threw her hands up in frustration. "Since when do heroes need guardian angels? The Unlosing Ranger, no less!"

"Hey, go easy on him!" Pirohiko countered, stepping forward in my defense. "He's just...he's a little rusty, that's all. You just need some training, isn't that right?" He looked at me with a re-assuring grin. I looked at him with sheer confusion. "Where's the Master?" he continued, turning his focus once again on the brat. "We need her to prepare a training course for him, as soon as possible!"

"I've already gone ahead and done that!" the girl exclaimed, clenching a triumphant fist. She still irritates me. "Dungeon Master Etranger has everything taken care of!"

She did not just say what I think she said.

I'm starting to think I might have been slightly off the mark with that whole "Theater Performance" assumption, but I'll cling to that illusion for as long as possible.

"Etranger, huh? When did you take over for the Master, anyway?"

The dead man is not helping it.
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