Hero's Diary: Day 1, Part 4
10/11/23 at 23:03 EST

Woke up on something shaped and painted like a bed. It's made of solid metal, though. My back hurts now.

I'm not sure what time it is. I thought it was night time since the sky is dark and full of stars, but apparently that's just because I'm on a platform in Space. There's some bratty kid here, too. She's wearing a ridiculous bunny-eared hat and a gaudy, over-sized clock pendant the size of her entire midsection. She's probably obnoxious.

I want to get out of this "bed" I'm on and try to figure out what's going on, but I'm worried that if I do, the bratty kid will want to talk to me. She acts pretty spoiled, now that I think about it, so maybe she's just some rich kid with an elaborate playpen. Not sure why it's in Outer Space though, and I'm even less sure why I'm in it. Maybe it's just another set for that play, or whatever.

I'm still dressed in this silly outfit. As I had guessed, I was supposed to fight that giant lion man in an "apocalyptic battle to determine the fate of the Earth", but I didn't know what my cues were, and one swing of his big metal costume must have knocked me out. Maybe I should get up after all, and find out what's happening with the rest of the play. And learn the choreography for the next time around.
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