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09/09/28 at 01:03 EST

There are only so many things I can do to keep my brain from growing stagnant during my temporary unemployment. I can use the term 'temporary' without commonplace arrogance; though the duration of the aforementioned unemployment escapes even the most clairvoyant, it's safe to suggest an upper bound on this time-frame which adds up to approximately however long it takes me to run out of money and starve to death. So it won't last forever, that much is for sure.

After a couple hours of some shady, underhanded PSXP gaming (I imagine I'll elaborate on this at some other point in time) I hit that now-routine stage of restlessness where I can feel my creativity, and with it, self-worth, slipping away, in need of some constructive, engaging activity. I opted to tackle the next couple milestones of this web-log engine (if you can call them that - their splendor is not that grandiose) and come up with a preliminary visual theme, trim the excess fat, and set everything up on the new subdomain. I'm also met with some disdain regarding Firefox's spell-checker. It seems "blog" is accepted terminology while its root, weblog, has yet to be coined in the catalog. Aw well, there's only so much worth complaining about.

Whether this serves as a general "to-do" reminder to myself or a list of things for an absent audience to look forward to: next up I'll be developing a randomized north banner advertisement consisting of random websites I enjoy perusing. Beyond that, I'll eventually need to tackle the seemingly-herculean task of assigning log posts categories of interest (a simple task) such that they may be cataloged and filtered through a simple search engine (this is what has me concerned).

I've already trodden through new territory in the last two days with astounding success, but I'm not one to push my luck too far. It may be on the back-burner for eternity, akin to more or less every other large-scale project I've undergone.

Oh! Before I forget. Testing out image tags in the post below reminded me to add another to that to-do list: automatically resizing linked images to fit within post borders. Though, on the other hand, that's something that can be handled entirely in the html tag itself, so it might not be necessary.

Well, it's high time I sneaked off to discard some excess baggage and call it a night.
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