Hero's Diary: Day 1, Part 2
10/11/19 at 13:38 EST

My parents were arguing again when I came home with the groceries. I did my best not to cross their paths as they barked at each other from the common room. I quickly put the groceries away and headed back outside. I didn't quite make it back to the front door quietly enough, however, and heard my father yell from the other room, "Hey, you! Did you get everything we asked for?". I leaned into the doorway to the common room and gave him an affirmative nod, but he didn't look as pleased as I was expecting him to. Still, he dismissed me and turned back to my mother, which I took as my cue to leave. The last thing I heard from him was a dejected sigh and the comment, "What the hell is wrong with your son?"

As I stepped outside again, I noticed the afternoon sky darken briefly as the sun dipped behind some passing clouds. The park is just down the street and around the corner...

It turns out my assumptions from that man were correct: not only are there other strangely dressed characters standing in the center of the park, there's a full-blown news team, camera crew, and studio audience. One of the actors (or maybe it's just a prop, I can't really be sure) is an infant child, but it's levitating rather convincingly. I can't see the strings, and there's no support rails overhead. Whatever this performance is about, it looks at least somewhat-expensive. And that means I could get paid, unless that man from before required payment up front before accepting the job he didn't show up for.

Everybody seems to have been expecting me - as I drew closer, the news caster - a rather attractive blond woman (of course) - pointed at me and shouted, "There he is!" Can't they tell that I'm not the man they were expecting? He was like, a foot taller than me, for starters, and he didn't wear glasses, and...

And...I just noticed that I'm already in costume. When the hell did that happen? These gloves, this cape...there's a helmet on my head, too! I look like some kind of comic book super-hero or something. I guess that's what this play is about? It would explain the ten-foot-tall anthropomorphic lion creature dressed in a full suit of armour. I'm supposed to battle this guy to save that floating baby, I guess. I hope the choreography has been substituted out for flashy CGI, otherwise I'm going to have to improvise on everything I'm supposed to do.

Yup, sounds like I am playing a super hero - the news caster just declared that "The Unlosing Ranger has arrived at last!". That name sounds familiar: Unlosing Ranger. I think my little sister watches that show.

Oh, no. Did I just watch a famous person die?

I should have asked for his autograph. It would have been worth a fortune, being the last one he ever wrote. Then I wouldn't have to be a part of this silly show. I better hurry up and take my position - that lion guy doesn't look like the patient type. I'm going to have to figure this out as I go.
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