Nothing-A-Day 25
10/09/30 at 23:57 EST

I don't really feel like going into depth on anything in particular tonight. I got a copy of Final Fantasy III (read: 6) today. That's 11 out of 13, now. 11/12, if we call the series dead by 12. And add 1/1 if X-2 counts. How about Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus, Revenant Wings? This is getting too complicated.

I feel like doing a bit of coding, and I would were it not almost midnight. Sounds like I'm going to have an uneventful weekend, so maybe I can kick the weekend off with some drumming and csv parsing. You know, live dangerously, to the fullest. I suppose, if nothing else, it'll be good for my wallet, which has been tanking assault after assault lately.

Really wish I had something to write that was worth reading today. Even some little quip or analysis, or abstraction of a pop culture icon into a definable schema that ruins something for someone forever. But all you're left with is disappointment. The same disappointment I felt when my Scott Pilgrim books were delivered by an contractor who was not a fashionable young lady in her mid 20's. I would have thought the UPS tracking slip would have been a sufficient tip-off.

You know what? I think I'm just going to end this with some php - oh wait, I can't, because this engine (like most sensible systems) does not render php code. That would require me writing my own parser, and that's no good. I've been watching Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog quite a lot lately, and quite frankly Sonic is portrayed as a massive asshole, leaving Dr. Robotnik as the "tragic hero" character, who, through his persistence and selflessness, constantly struggles for a better world under the red shoe of oppression. What a guy.
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Comment by user Cuddlebun
at 10/10/01 at 8:42 EST

If you read the comic series, Robotnik is portrayed that way as well, especially considering his asshole of a nephew.

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