Nothing-A-Day 24
10/09/30 at 00:17 EST

I think last night I broke the record for my latest hour at work - well, while sober, anyway. Tonight was another episode in overtime, but only by an hour. Seems like now's a good time to leave work early tomorrow, since my Scott Pilgrim books are due "after 5".

There was an implicit nod to the Scott Pilgim storyline when I ordered it off, but I was never expecting someone to actually deliver it to my door. I'm lucky if people even leave a tag on the door to the building, but whoever attempted to deliver my parcel today while I was at work managed to go straight to my door. That's service.

Those subspace highways must be real handy.

Been a lot of Rock Band for me lately. There's some good stuff on sale lately, including Rush's Moving Pictures album. A drummer's paradise, if challenge isn't the only thing you crave.

Haven't been the least bit productive lately, but that should pass. I've just been working too hard. Yeah, that's it.
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