Nothing-A-Day 22
10/09/28 at 00:27 EST

Microsoft Outlook is really not built to scale. I'm not sure what exactly is going wrong with the program (a sign of a good software tester!) but as time goes by it becomes less responsive - I don't mean in a "restart your computer" sort of way; if it were something that pedestrian I'd have gotten a handle on it by now. I would suspect it's due to the increased number of emails the program has to manage, but that's a non-factor as well: my email account tends to fluctuate pretty rapidly between 10 and 50 thousand emails on a given day, and the performance in that 9 hour period is pretty constant. No, lately, it's been taking up to 20 minutes just to delete 3,000 emails. That's a problem when I'm receiving 2,000 emails while those 3,000 are being deleted. Frustrating, to say the least.

Not to mention Outlook has begun slowing down Media Player Classic. Come on, really? Outlook is using up so many system resources that I can't afford audio playback? That shit don't flush.

Did some work on the site today. Kind of a hack-job, really, but whatever does the trick does the trick. It's pretty much transparent to you, the end user, so I've arguably spent 90 minutes of my evening working on an exercise in fun. That's what the ph in php stands for.

Polished off my collection in Katamari Forever about half an hour ago. That's, what, 4143 items? And I thought Banjo-Kazooie was a Collect-a-thon. As you can imagine, things have been rather quiet since Sunday.
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