Nothing-A-Day 18
10/09/22 at 00:06 EST

Another long day at work. That's fine, so long as tomorrow isn't another long day at work. I've got somewhere to be, for a change.

Gonna use the gaming tag until I get around to automating the tagging process, instead of manually adding "coding". Oh boy, I've been coding again. Knocked another task off my strategy plate so quickly that I decided to enhance an aesthetic element as well. To get an absolute basic playable prototype up and working, I'd wager another 10 to 20 hours of coding. I'm terrible with estimates, so I decided to ball park it somewhere between what I estimate, and double that. I've done plenty of tokenizing and parsing in PHP, but I've never done anything like that for C#, so I'll need to familiarize myself with the API for that. Then, I'll need to become a disaster zone and cause mountains of problems to be solved, in a design analogous to a cataclysm. That's how I roll.
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