Nothing-A-Day 14
10/09/16 at 00:26 EST

Today was not a particularly good day. It was nice to have plenty of stuff to do at work, and there was a looming deadline involved which I find therapeutic; I tend to work better under pressure, or something. But I've had a sore throat the last few days and as of today a nasty head cold, or flu, or something. It comes and goes in bursts. Irritating, irritating bursts. Headaches, impaired cognition, occasional sneeze-cough, lots of lousy things.

I'll put up with a sore throat if that's the worst of it without any complaints. There's a Foosball tournament that needs to be attended tomorrow and it would be very detrimental to the experience if I was suffering the same condition that I did today.

Birth By Sleep's difficulty has definitely reared its ugly head by now; for the past three or so planets I've been getting my ass handed to me on a silver platter shaped like Mickey Mouse's head. As if certain formerly-wimpy-pushover bosses pulling a coup-d'etat on me at the last (or first) second wasn't enough, I'm now getting the one-hit-KO treatment from kill fodder in the farthest reaches of the ill-defined solar system. Guess the location was aptly named.

This is enough for now. I've been sleeping in far too often lately.
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