Nothing-A-Day 13
10/09/14 at 23:52 EST

Slow day, today. Low on constructive things to do at work, but I'm hoping things pick up over the next day or two. We're long overdue for it. No steak and beer today, which means steak and beer next week. Timing kind of works out better this way; I had more time to go on a hunt for the last few materials needed for my little project.

Getting a button from anywhere other than the Fabricland is apparently impossible. Furthermore, bingo chips (my alternative backup material) don't seem any easier. Though the wal-mart did have a big box of small clear-plastic chips, they wouldn't do the trick, so I was forced to be a little imaginative. It's a work-in-progress right now, but so far, so good.

I'm also photo-documenting the process, so I can share my half-baked idea with the world when it's done. It'll be another week from now. Mark your calendars.
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