Nothing-A-Day 11
10/09/12 at 23:56 EST

Decided before posting that I should take the time to do the aforementioned tag update. Took between 4 to 6 minutes while chatting to e-friends so the estimate was pretty good. Also discovered a bug in the tag search that's been around since late May. Oops.

Got my keyboard set up and built a sheet music stand for it. Picking things up little by little again. Considering building an attachment for it so that I can wear it, as it is portable.

Got back to work on the project and have come up with a "good enough for now" solution to the problem I was having, so hopefully I'll be able to build up momentum and progress more quickly on it from here on out. In all fairness, I should add a "coding" tag as coding becomes a more prevalent pastime, but I'm going to leave that as an exercise in automation for a rainy day.
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