Nothing-A-Day 10
10/09/12 at 14:59 EST

I should consider doing a bit of cleaning around here. "Drumming" is no longer a valid tag in my eyes: it's too specific and outdated now that I've added a keyboard to my arsenal of things to half-learn. Mentally stepping through the process, I need to change 5 pieces of code if I wish to adapt the Drumming tag to a more generic "Music" tag. From there, I might as well consider automating the tagging process so it takes 4 seconds to add a new tag instead of 4 minutes.

Didn't get a post out on Friday night as expected, but also didn't get a post out on Saturday night. Oh well, the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the website (not to be confused with "many"), I guess. Treasure hunt yesterday resulted in treasure: found a copy of Final Fantasy VII for the Playstation (original black label, to boot) in the corner of a shelf of a Microplay for 20 dollars. Now, last month I had already purchased the PC version of Final Fantasy VII for 15, but the PSX copy of FFVII was the last remaining item from my Leg Vacuum collection. I have now purchased every game on Armcannon's first album. Would be doing pretty good for the second, but Contra is a damned expensive game. If I do stumble upon it for a reasonable price, however, I'd be certain to pick up any and all missing pieces from then on out: Kid Icarus and Super Mario Bros 2. (Doki Doki Panic version for NES. Lost my other copy. Or my brother has it. One or the other.) Not sure how to go about acquiring "The Power Rangers Theme" or Shawn Michaels/Hulk Hogan's theme; one's a TV show and the other is a wrestler's theme.

Well, I have more business to take care of, so it looks like we'll be left with a hole in the schedule. So far my posting schedule looks like n-1. It may end up being n-2 by the end of next week, as well.
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