Nothing-A-Day 07
10/09/08 at 01:38 EST

Wow, I must really love my job.

My day at work consisted of roughly six and a half hours of updating documentation, with a short lunch and zero Foosball matches, and yet the time absolutely flew by. What's more, it was on the release date of a Kingdom Hearts game (though I attribute that lack of anticipation/day-dragging to the fact that I just forgot). Further beyond that, after getting home and taking care of laundry, I got the game and subsequently ate dinner and then went back to work. That's pretty unprecedented.

I, of course, still found time to squeeze two or so hours into the game, and I've been pleased with what I've seen so far. The "tutorial level" this time around takes all of 25 minutes to complete tops, and that consists of about 15 minutes of cutscenes, so you do the math (it takes about 10 minutes). Apart from Snow White's voice, all the surprises thrown into the game thus far have all been welcome ones - Critical difficulty is available right off the bat, so there's no need to wait for the Japanese-only re-release a year after the game's initial NA release to get a challenge out of the game. Well, "challenge". The first planet gave my ass a thorough lashing, but by the time I was through the second, I was level 10 or so and dominating everything. I guess there's a reason they give you the No-EXP ability off the hop.

Combat seems to be given greater focus this time around, and the objective is variety. Even if the game still ends up being easy, at least they don't discourage the equipping and use of special attacks that I never used in other Kingdom Hearts games. "Just mash X", while still reliable to a degree, is within the realm of imagination, a thing of the past. I also got to slaughter a house cat in a very God of War-esque fashion. That reminds me, I don't think I mentioned my acquisition and completion of Sonic Unleashed, my first Sonic the Hedgehog game since Sonic 3. Enjoy that, it's the last time I'll call it a "Sonic the Hedgehog" game, because it's not. It's actually two games - one loosely based on those old SSX snowboarding games for the PS2, and the other being Hog of War.

Updated the RSS feed on the website tonight as well, after it was brought to my attention that my feed was, by design, stupid. I don't actually use RSS feeds/readers/bookmarks or what-have-you, so the design of it is essentially open to the highest bidder. Or, in this case, the first person to say something about it.
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Comment by user Adam
at 10/09/08 at 10:22 EST

"Hog of War" Unfortunately not the updated sequel to PS1 classic "Hogs of War" :(

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