Nothing-A-Day 04
10/09/05 at 01:46 EST

Another day, another tale. Nothing particularly interesting today. Sorted my phone situation out now that the actual system is functioning again. Headed down to Guelph today for some Mario Kart and things. Moving-in Day for the freshmeat at the University, so traffic was complete shit. Rolled a few stars. Nothing particularly eventful.

Coulda sworn earlier today that I did have something to say, but whatever the case, the memory is gone now. Got multi-disc Gamecube games working on the Wii, but I was unfortunately unable to make my Resident Evil triple-pack, thanks to the combined file-size of the four discs being about 10MB over the disc's limit. Oh well, asses to RE2, I have a cartridge of it already.

Express pay systems at the gas station I frequent were down today. What's with everything being out of service this weekend? I need a vacation. I can't work in these conditions.
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