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10/06/03 at 22:12 EST

There are two things wrong with the title today. The first being the implication of a plural staff. No, you need not suffer the monologue of two (or more) people here, that would be too much content for your own good. The second would be the use of the term "moved", since I didn't really move the site at all. I've merely acquired another door. Now those of you who hate bookmarks and rss feeds can acquire your fill of text typed by my fingers for less than half the original required keystrokes in the url. The good people of ppy.sh were kind enough to loan me aw, meaning you can now access the site by going to aw.ppy.sh - isn't that nice and compact? Absolutely.

I have been eagerly playing my restored copy of Pokemon Silver these past days, and have seen more to it than I'd ever imagined. The last time I played a Pokemon game was a good solid decade ago, and when I was but a wee lad I didn't think many thoughts beyond "Gotta catch every Pokemon on the cartridge barring those that must be acquired through other techniques such as trading with peers or expending monetary gains at a casino that targets adults and under-aged minors alike." so a lot of the subtext was missed. Take a moment, that sentence was a big one. Ten years later, different story. I'm recording some of my findings so that I may share them when the time is right. I've only got three badges, give me a rest.

A few days ago I was looking at something or other related to the Sonic the Hedgehog series when I came across a Boss Rush video for the Game Gear version of Sonic 2. Watching Robotnik fly in to catch Sonic as he plummeted to a premature death brought me back to my childhood something fierce. I still had my old Game Gear, nestled in its traveling case, and decided to pull it out. It's probably been about 11 years since I last switched it on, however, so I was not surprised (though disappointed) when turning it on yielded unfavourable results. The AC Adapter and power supply may have been working good as new, but the screen was the opposite, flickering in strange colours and patterns.

Of course, I don't accept something like that as broken until I've taken it apart and made it more broken. Unlike the cruel Gamecube which used four of those damn security screws the Game Gear only uses one, and it's in an easy to reach place. Anybody who isn't a first-time reader will know the drill by now. I, having no understanding of the architecture of the system, popped it open, poked around, took things apart, re-assembled them, took them apart again, re-assembled them correctly, and lo and behold, Columns was working. Since Columns was the guinea pig. Truthfully interested in my 3 sonic games (I'm missing Triple Trouble, for those keeping score) I gave 2 and Chaos a try with complete success. Though the speakers output no sound, the audio still functioned through the headphone jack, so if I feel adventurous, I can likely repair or replace the speaker. Can't get Sonic 1 to work though. Yet. That's another task for another time.

So yeah, accepting things as broken when they don't work is for lazy chumps.
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Comment by user peppy
at 10/06/03 at 23:44 EST

"The good people of ppy.sh were kind enough to loan me aw..."

The plural here is also wrong :P.

Comment by user awp
at 10/06/04 at 0:25 EST

On the other hand, by making a comment, you have thus validated the "monologue of two (or more) people" argument (assuming you can call speculative feedback a monologue), thus invalidating the assertion that the initial plural was incorrect. By doing so, this has made your use of "also" when addressing the issue of plural webmasters wrong. I'd rather not think on it too much more. Things might get recursive if my head explodes.

Comment by user Dr.P
at 10/06/06 at 0:11 EST

From what I can tell, aw.ppy.sh is just a php header redirect...which means the site has not changed at all, you simply added a new address which forwards to the same site. Newsworthy? Maybe. Exciting? Not so much.

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