February and March 2010, Abridged
10/04/05 at 20:12 EST

I've been flirting with the idea of making use of this site again, not as a coding exercise but as the original intention of the whole project: a web log. The problem I'm facing with that is one or several issues consisting of:

a) My lack of conviction in keeping to any of my projects
b) My unwillingness or lack of vanity necessary to believe that my life interests other people
c) My naivety regarding the fact that some people do actually find this sort of thing interesting, or at the very least, want something to read while they are bored in class or at work.

What ultimately brought upon my effort to update this site is summarized and paraphrased below:

19:42 {@awpkun} I just got hit by a car
19:43 {@Remmy} blog about it awp

Now, I'll touch on that later once I've brought everyone up to speed in a quick abridged version of what I've been up to for the last two months.

New job as a software tester has been going well. I'm learning a lot of things as expected, both directly applicable to working (read: useful stuff) and regarding office politics and the silliness that goes on behind the bureaucracy (which, thankfully, I've needed to outsource to experience). Overall, I've been enjoying it quite a bit.

February was a slow month, but it was in February that the scales of economic application of finances eventually tipped and I dove full-board into retro gaming. Since my arrival at my new apartment I've acquired an array of retro gaming consoles and games, and have been steadily building my collection of classics both of my childhood and of what my childhood missed out on. The newest members of the family are Donkey Kong 64 and Final Fight, but I've been really enjoying the classic Sonic the Hedgehog series. I'd say it was in good time with the upcoming release of Sonic the Hedgehog 4, but last I checked that was a) an episodic (read: incomplete) release, and b) not releasing for another half-year or so. Bollocks to that. I'll also take a picture of the redecoration of my room brought upon by the acquisition of a 1990's Squaresoft title when I'm feeling up to it.

I have been to see the fathers of black metal, the tr00est of tr00 kvlt, Norwegian Black Metal monsters Immortal. I'll upload pics and re-encode the video of the new album's titular piece, "All Shall Fall" to match the expected formatting used by the Videos section.

A pet project of mine that has been in secret development for nearly two years received a private, beta release in March. I'm going to leave the details on this one scarce for now, but as it nears completion, I'll probably leak some more information on that. I'll have to create a Projects section of the site as well, also to accommodate my upcoming TWEWY script hack. Don't get your hopes up, it'll be years before I have anything for that.

I was up to visit my family this past weekend, which was nice - it was the first time I'd been up to Elliot Lake when the house up there was in a livable state. It was quite a treat to be able to go up there and not spend two hours doing manual labour only to turn around and return home immediately after. Also got to smash a TV. Again, video later. Too sore (read: lazy) and hungry (read: lazy) for that now.

The brakes on my bike have been quite poor for a long time now. I've known this, and figured I'd have them fixed eventually. As for the question of before or after I get hit by a car as a result of poor brakes, that question was answered. Luckily I knew two seconds beforehand that I was going to be T-boned by that car eagerly crossing into the intersection so I was able to brace myself for impact, roll graciously along the hood of the car, and not crack my skull open upon hitting the pavement below.

In the aftermath, I did what any gentleman would do: I picked myself and my bike up, confirmed that the car of the man who struck me was not damaged, biked home, and cracked open a beer while talking to friends about how stupid I am.

The role adrenaline plays in this sort of thing is something that fascinates me. It took only a second for enough adrenaline to build up in my system to prevent any sort of pain from being felt until long after I was hit: nothing hurt until I was three quarters of the way home, a good three or four minutes after the fact.

At any rate, I seem to have lost my train of thought. I'm going to go play-test the games I bought (you can never be too sure) and then cook dinner. Until next time, unless the next accident kills me.
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