09/12/07 at 14:44 EST

So the site has been pretty inactive lately, a consequence of I myself being inactive lately. No progress has been made on my catch-22 job hunting; University degrees apparently don't carry any weight any more, which isn't entirely surprising to me - I've seen many a good thing become poor, withered, and/or useless when given enough time to become so.

Can't say a lot of interesting things have happened lately apart from IRL having the occasional Physics glitch. I also found the missing part I needed for my SNES to work, and in my mental dormancy I have decided to spend some of my time revisiting the 90s. Is it surprising that I've never played my way through Super Mario RPG before? Well, having acquired the original cartridge has provided some sort of nostalgia-induced encouragement I've needed to stick with it this time around.

Another part of my spare time is now being preoccupied by my goal to take personal "large-scale" programming a bit more seriously, and I've been met with some good and some lackluster results. All in all, I am quite fond of C# development, and the IDE I'm using (VS08) is a welcome change to the standard Wordpad/vim I've become accustomed to coding in. With any luck, I'll find some sort of resolve to carry on with it long enough to see some kind of reward for my efforts. Not too optimistic at this point; my body is currently trying to encourage the practice of hibernation. These cold, dreary winter days are best slept away, my friend.
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