There Will Be Mods
09/11/18 at 11:42 EST

So I've been modifying how my Wii runs Super Smash Bros Brawl lately with some decent results:

While it remains something like a 20-step process to get anything done and requires at least a rudimentary understanding of computer technology, I'm rather impressed with how simple the process is - at least, for me. Brawl modding has really come quite far, and I'd like to catch up with it to some degree if I can.

A friend of mine came up with a brilliant idea yesterday that will for the present remain undisclosed, but suffice to say it would make a very nice rainy day project. Given, however, that it requires a slight monetary investment, I fear I may need to put it on the back burner until the hunt for employment yields some actual results. I've considered putting a CEIL on the number of "thanks, but no thanks" industry letters I've received before I decide to settle for something less than half my worth.

I have my pride, but I also have my bills and my penchant for eating food on a regular basis.
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