Captured Memory
09/10/30 at 16:55 EST

Earlier today I was struck with a recollection; a reminder of things still to be done. Though it has not yet become a problem, I've been meaning to add a CAPTCHA system to the comments page to discourage bots from flooding my comment approval queue. The system in place is presently very basic and makes no effort to fool OCRs. I don't know if I'll add defense against OCRs in the future or not, and the reason is twofold: one, I can't reliably test it right now, and two, it's going to be moot anyway: I'll eventually be adding support to prevent humans from spamming up the Comments box (not that it's necessary, I re-iterate) and at that point anyone who makes a spam-bot compatible with this site can let it spam as much as a human, because that will be limited as well.

For everyone who hates captchas, don't worry, I'm planning on keeping track of known human users in the future, so after you enter your first captcha, you won't see any. Again, this is in the future. You're stuck with it for now

EDIT: seems I've made a mistake in one of my parsers. Whoops, fixed.
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