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09/10/15 at 19:45 EST

Been doing a little bit of work lately, and a lot these past couple hours.

For the past few days I've been developing a little photo gallery for a friend of mine; while it's more or less complete I don't feel content linking to it yet, as the images for the gallery haven't been completely compiled/formatted/uploaded. That has had me occupied since Monday.

But more recently, I decided to attempt an RSS feed. It was a hell of a lot easier to figure out than I had expected; once I found the "hello world" of XML pages for RSS use, it was at best ten minutes before I had it all finished. It has since been added to the Navigation Bar.

Speaking of which, that ol' navbar's been growing and growing to the point where it just no longer fits on many screens, including my PSP - in fact, it hasn't fit on my PSP since I added a visual element to it. To compensate for that, the navbar can now be adjusted to either stay fixed (default behaviour) or to remain at the top of the page, so you can scroll past it, so that browsers/systems that are not vertical-pixel-gifted may still utilize it to its full extent. Once I did that, I came to the realization that a restructure of the layout was in order. Once that was done, I came to the conclusion that my code is starting to get ugly - I have tested it on Firefox and on my PSP, but have no idea how it functions on any other browser/embedded platform. I'll get an iPhone/touch user to take it for a spin to see if it works there, and maybe I'll just download another browser or two and test it out there while I'm living on my brother's futon.

I seem to be having some success with my time management lately vis a vis my recent bundle of portable RPGs. Yet I fear the worst; I may try to score 100% completion in KH:DS's Challenges after all.
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Comment by user Remdawg
at 09/10/16 at 2:42 EST

I checked out your place on my iPod Touch/iPhone (same browser anyways). Needless to say, the nav bar scrolls with the website without regard to what setting I choose.

Also for the lulz I tested Internet Explorer. Scrollable works fine, but Fixed does this.

Then of course, people really shouldn't be using Internet Explorer ANYWAYS, but none the less... A few suggestions for those who still are asses about switching over:

a) Force scrolling on IE browsers period
b) Pull an upppy and display a popup box thing saying IE isn't supported.

Comment by user awp
at 09/10/16 at 11:45 EST

Hmm...The former I'd like to resolve (would I? Maybe not; fixed position wouldn't work anyway...let's call it a feature instead!) but the latter I can fix by a combination of your suggested A and B - force scrolling, and when IE users try to switch to fixed I'll have a message tell them that they can't.

Mmm. I should also tweak the navbar to open up a new window for updating settings instead of changing the current page. Fun, fun, wheeee.

Comment by user awp
at 09/10/16 at 22:03 EST

Unfortunately, the CSS I use is not supported by some IE browsers (I say some, because I only have one to test, myself) and while Microsoft claims that each new version of IE is more CSS-compliant than the last, I'm not going to hold my breath and wait for them to catch up with the world. With any luck, IE is a dying browser which will not reach the double-digit versions.

Took the defensive approach and auto-redirected to a compatibility page. It's kind of hack-ish and IE users can probably still read some page content if they try hard enough, but in that case I say more power to 'em for being so stubborn.

Comment by user Remdawg
at 09/10/16 at 2:44 EST

Rather, what upppy USED to do, since apparently it doesnt anymore?

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