Frozen In Time (End of Days)
09/10/08 at 21:51 EST

The basic layout of the Photo Gallery has been completed. All that remains to be done is a more elegant photo viewer; a "viewphoto.php" or something of the sort. A bit of extra work, but nothing too severe. Thanks to PHP's delightful substr function design, it was very easy to get the page to do what I wanted it to do. Negative offsets are a beautiful thing.

I cleared Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days earlier tonight at roughly 32 game hours. It was a good length for a game, and perhaps the longest Kingdom Hearts game to date - my original clear time in KH2 was 40 hours, but a lot of that can be attributed to non-linear exploration/going the wrong way/leaving the game on pause. While I've been able to whittle my KH2 clear time down to 16 hours or so, KH:DS is very linear, very straightforward, and essentially improbable to get lost in, so most game time would be saved simply via skipping cut-scenes and not playing Challenges.

So upon completion, I decided to begin tackling the Missions portion of the game. There are at least 18 playable characters in Mission mode (I'm not sure if I have them all, but it looks that way), and while they all have their strengths and weaknesses, I've found my match in Lexaeus. If you're looking to get the job done quickly, use Lexaeus. Make sure you have the Brick Wall ability as well; not that he can't manage without it, but because it's so fitting for a Goliath like himself, and that it makes things easier. Bosses that took me several minutes with anyone else goes down in just a couple combos with this behemoth of a fighter. On enemies with low enough defense, he can damage enemies faster than the game can animate HP drain. I can "Defeat the Neoshadow!" before the "Defeat the Neoshadow" information window vanishes - no need for spell-casting here!

At any rate, I'll try to avoid discussing KH:DS at length any more than I already have; I plan to have a media review page joining the website some time and I'll address it then.
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