The Dead Walk At Six (Day: 277)
09/10/07 at 16:55 EST

As was foretold, a basic search engine is in place. At the moment, the entire search term is treated as being in quotes, so searching, for example, "and if" will only return matches of "and if", as oppose to anything that contains an "if" without a preceding "and".

Also soon to come will be a photo gallery section. For now, though, I'm not in the mood for uploading the pictures and writing the code. It'll come later. Within the next couple days, I'm sure.

In other "news", I've been working diligently at progressing through KH:DS, and have now hit a point where things are starting to go bananas. There was an "easter egg" (if you can call it that) in KH2 revealing something of a spoiler for KH:DS, but that easter egg in itself was so messy it was tough to make out. Still, I felt like a fool for not noticing the reference immediately - in fact, it wasn't until the game looked at me and said "Hey, remember this?" (figuratively, of course) that I made the connection. But beyond that, there's a riddle in the title of this post that I'm not going to elaborate on; I'm trying to avoid revealing any spoilers...but for any of you who solve the riddle of my suspicions, this is something I had made claim to since Chain of Memories was released (in English) for the GBA. I may be over-analyzing this, but I'm not going to under-estimate Nomura's sneakiness, either. There's no reason to believe 'he' isn't still out there.

Still, if it turns out that Axel is Riku, I'm going to be briefly dissatisfied. That's just nonsense.

Well, Sadie's yappin' at me. Time to go.
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