N1 Disabled No More (Day: 172)
09/10/05 at 23:43 EST

I don't know who I'm supposed to thank for this (perhaps Klown?) but Disgaea 2 - Dark Hero Days is finally playable on my PSP, thanks to a 5.50 firmware patch of the game. Now I can remorselessly purchase a UMD of it, enjoy it, and not have to disable the majority of my PSP's functionality in the process. I believe Persona 2: Innocent Sin will also now work, as an added bonus. Now I've got four active portable (Action) JRPGs on the go. Which will be handy in the coming days when I make the move. I'm only driving one way, and with two return-trips, that makes 4 rides in which I'm a passenger, clocking at around 110 minutes a piece.

I sure have been waiting and eager to replay Disgaea 2, though. I've played Disgaea 1 to death, four times now, and the 200 hours I've clocked into Disgaea 3 was enough to 100% that, but I've never completed the post-game for Disgaea 2, so that should be at least 100 hours of something to do. Disgaea 2 is also the only one I haven't purchased yet, and I owe it to Nippon Ichi.

But with a new Kingdom Hearts game and now Disgaea 2, Katamari Forever may have to be put on the back-burner for now. Unless I can snag a job within weeks of settling in my new home, I'll have to budget my money - especially for something I don't need, or further yet, something I already have. At least my insurance was $500 cheaper than expected.
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Comment by user Dr.P
at 09/10/06 at 23:06 EST

So wait, what car did you buy and where are you moving to now? I could just ask you, but I thought using your new blog/comment system would be more fun =P

Comment by user awp
at 09/10/07 at 0:18 EST

That it is! That, it is.

My car is a 2005 Ford Focus SE ZX4. I'll blog about that later. Like, I was about to make the post when I saw the approval queue. As for moving, I'm moving to the KW area.

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