Tag Implementation, Round Two (Day: 155)
09/10/05 at 17:25 EST

By the end of today (and by that I mean within an hour or two) I expect to have the Tags system more or less completed. It's not 100% dynamic, but the rate in which I add new tags should be so low that it won't be a problem. It's something that can be added later, at any rate. This post serves more or less to test out automatic tag filing.

On the other hand, I finally got the last of the bureaucracy out of the way for my car, and it is now legally mine; the plates are on, it's registered, insured, all that jazz. I can legally drive it around, now, and have already populated it with various metal CDs, though I'm not completely certain where my first ARMCANNON CD is. But I will find it in due time.
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