Tag Implementation, Round One (Day: 121)
09/10/04 at 21:17 EST

I've started tackling what I originally considered a herculean task, tag searching, only to find out that, like everything else so far, it was much easier to implement than I ever would have thought. Tags are now functional; however the task is at present done manually. Currently, my post interface does not include a means to add new tags (this feature should take about 10 to 15 minutes to write) nor is there a way to identify which posts have which tags within the posts themselves. That will also be very easy to add, but I want to save some coding for later.

After that, perhaps I'll add a generic search feature. It won't be particularly difficult to add, but it will be time consuming. Before I do that, though, I should really add a proper background to the sidebar.

For anyone keeping score, I've progressed further into KH:DS to what I would estimate is roughly the 33rd percentile, and there's one more thing I thought would be worth mentioning that I'd consider to be a reasonably potent design flaw: Command blocking. At certain points during your adventures, there is information that is presented to you by means of a little black Information bar with a scrolling marquee of text. It blends seamlessly into game-play, allowing you to smack the Heartless around without interruption, however, while the information bar is present, your command window is not. Meaning, certain actions cannot be performed such as Examine, and worse yet the Shortcut menu. It's okay if you want the command menu to disappear during Information bars, but to disable the player during active game-play serves only to make a nemesis out of something designed to assist you. I generally operate under an aerial melee build, but I can see this being horribly obstructive to magic users. Apologies to that crowd.

And it's about damn time they promoted me a rank.
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Comment by user Dr.P
at 09/10/05 at 15:25 EST

Garvar, I'm actually impressed by the progress your making =P

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