Comment Moderation (Day: 74)
09/10/03 at 18:36 EST

A lack of initial foresight has given rise to a new development, and a new venue in which I may spend my time.

I've decided to begin development of a comment moderation system, so that comments are not immediately made public, and instead are stuffed into a bin for me to later sort through, and approve or destroy as needed. I'll have to develop an interface and module for that; I hardly expect myself to have the resolve to do it by hand (though I imagine the volume of comments inbound would be sufficiently small enough to handle manually) so for now they will float in limbo while I write some more code.

I've delved deep enough into the world of KH:DS to be met with a few gripes. Though they're hardly worth mentioning, I'll do so anyway:

Complaint #1 - Recon missions. This amounts to wandering around methodically and yet without direction until an indicator appears on screen. This is essentially just a game of Hot/Cold minus the notion of "warmer" or "colder"; your only states are "nowhere near", "near", and "you found what you're looking for", and that last part is worth further mentioning: what you're looking for is not specified, and in the Agrabah stages literally amounts to a grain of sand at times.

Complaint #2 - Emblem collection. The premise I am alright with; while it feels more like a distraction than an actual mission designed to advance plot, it's the implementation I am not keen on, as it is possible to find yourself in a situation where, while the mission is always possible to complete, if you aren't fast or methodical enough it isn't always possible to master the mission (fill the mission gauge), which results in requiring you replay that mission from the beginning. It's often only a few minutes of wasted effort, but this is the sort of thing that belongs in the Challenges portion of the Sidequest menu.

Oh, I also don't like the battery life on my DS, but that's not a fault I can pin to the game.
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Comment by user awp
at 09/10/03 at 20:20 EST

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Comment by user Vany
at 09/10/04 at 3:03 EST

I just got to day 51 in KH:358/2. Not a bad game so far, although the panels are starting to piss me off a little, as do the recon missions. Time to play some more I guess =)

Nice blog btw.

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