Web-log improvements (Day: 53)
09/10/02 at 22:39 EST

I don't know what possessed me to do this, but I implemented the tag-line randomizer at the top of the page. The Banner as of yet is not randomizable; I need to make/acquire banners for other sites so there is something to intelligibly cycle through. Since that only took me a few minutes to do, I decided to implement COOKIES so that users can customize certain features of the site. Currently, you can enable/disable the banner, and you can set the size of the posts to thin (for mobiles, PSPs, etc) medium (the classic default) and Wide (which isn't really that wide. I may change that in the future,) for whatever suits your fancy.

Take note that if you set the post width to thin, all IMG tags in my posts will be disabled. Again, it's for your viewing pleasure ♥
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Comment by user awpsp
at 09/10/02 at 22:52 EST

Testing PSP functionality. Looking good.

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