Oh, sunnuvabitch
09/10/01 at 14:51 EST

I just realized that all of my months are one behind. This is 09/10/01 not 09/09/01.

I guess I can go fix it up. I'm not changing the comments, though. They're a reminder.
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Comment by user awp
at 09/10/01 at 14:52 EST

Check check comment date

Comment by user awp
at 09/10/01 at 14:55 EST

still more teeeeeeeeeeest

{img src=http://www.lol.com/img/img.png}

Oh ho ho nice try

\{img src=http://www.lol.com/img/img.png\}


Comment by user
at 09/10/02 at 1:53 EST


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