What are your two cents?
09/10/01 at 00:22 EST

After providing some remote support on an e-friend's blog, I decided to start developing my own comments system so that users can make replies to these here posts. I came to a quick realization that without a database things will become bloated rather quickly. I'll eventually re-write it to use one anyway, but this is just something fun to do. Got the submissions working, need to add display support for comments (a matter of recycling code, more or less), a means of reaching the comments page, and general data sanitizing to prevent smart people from being stupid.

Hopefully I can get around to it within the next couple days, though things will be pretty hectic.
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Comment by user awp
at 09/09/01 at 14:44 EST

Again, testing commenting.

Comment by user Remdawg
at 09/10/02 at 1:38 EST

Can I throw in three cents?


Comment by user awp
at 10/06/13 at 14:43 EST

fun fact: still not using a database

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