11/05/03 at 12:33 EST

Over the past month I have been spending a staggering amount of my spare time playing Persona 4 - in the ballpark of 100 hours. I plan to do an in-depth review of the game's strengths and weaknesses at a later date, but I've noticed some very curious things about it.

Though the game was released in the last quarter of 2008 (for us in North America), I never even looked at it until April 2011. This is exactly when the game takes place. I didn't give it much thought, believing it was something of a scripted nature: that the game was reading my PS2's internal clock and deciding when to "start the game". No, this wasn't a case of digital trickery, this was the sorcery of Fate at work.

Curiosity number 2: rain, and the weather in general, play an important role in Persona 4. The day I started playing Persona 4 was also the day of the first rainfall of the season.

Curiosity number 3: the day after I completed the game (discovering the Truth, I should point out), marked the end of a wet streak of several days of rain, giving way to a beautiful, clear-sky sunny day, as oppose to a much foggier one.

Curiosity number 4: It has been raining for the past few days and will continue to be that way for the remainder of the week (Thursday may be sunny). As a result, it has been very foggy lately. A co-worker of mine that I've known for over a year now has just started wearing glasses, seemingly out of the blue. I don't think they're prescription. I'm suspicious. He might be resolving build issues by day and saving people's lives by night. I should stay out of his way.

Shifting gears to address this title's particular choice of capitalization.

I've gotten reports from various sources, including Visa itself, that no Visa cards have been compromised in the recent PSN attack. So I'm wondering what the deal with the reported 10 million stolen cards is all about.

On the other hand, another report released yesterday revealed that SOE has also been attacked, and another 12,700 CCs are out there. This isn't exactly news, as it happened around the same time as the PSN attack: two weeks ago.

Extra Credits was right: do not piss off the kinds of people who install Linux on their PS3s.
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