Crash Party
11/03/29 at 23:25 EST

There was an accident on the highway near where I live. An SUV was in a collision and got rolled onto its hood so, of course, it caused some mild traffic congestion and slowed me down on the way home. This actually came as a surprise to me, because I don't take the highway home. The accident caused traffic congestion on the nearby street running parallel to it because over half a dozen vehicles had pulled over to gawk at the crash scene.

A flipped-over SUV is probably not something you see every day, I get it. Go ahead, stop on a single-lane, bi-directional street and gawk away. The chances of seeing another accident any time soon are pretty slim after all. Unless, of course, you were to contribute to one.

5-star vehicle safety ratings are definitely a product of the Supply and Demand function.
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