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09/09/28 at 12:26 EST

After writing last night's post I decided to finish off the night by watching some good ol' fashioned Zero Punctuation (humorous video-game critic reviews for the unfamiliar) when I came across a link to a gaming web show called "Game Damage". While the show itself is currently nothing more than a full-length pilot episode which, if I may say so, was reasonably entertaining, that got me reflecting on the nature of it all.

Gamer television.

Why is there a market for this? From my point of view (which is not the most absolute point of view, it is just the most logical one as far as we're concerned) while gamers essentially fall into the group of people who enjoy spending hours at a time in a static state, akin to those who watch television, the difference here is that while TV viewers are content remaining idle as the images and sounds pass before them, gamers are people who wish to interact with their images and sounds. Gamer television, as I see it, is targeting the demo-graph that was unsatisfied with a single, linear progression of images and sounds and sought to control things themselves. It seems foolish to me, however, the fact that this is a concept strong enough to develop a career around suggests that even gamers need "down-time" from all the gaming that they do (myself included, naturally, as this was the exact means in which I encountered the subject of this post in the first place). That leaves me with one question: what do TV enthusiasts consider down-time?

There was something else I was going to address today, but I can't recall what it was.

At any rate, I'll be on the road for another 1200km tomorrow, helping my old man move some more of his possessions from Old House to New House. Rather than simply slapping a PSX game onto my PSP the night before and hoping for the best, (curse you, Persona 2 Innocent Sin) I've outfitted my PSP with two tried-and-true functional PSX games: a childhood favourite, Legend of Dragoon and the RPG Resident Evil knockoff, Parasite Eve 2. So not only should the 12 hours on the road be entertaining enough, I have been promised some bear sightings this time around. As always, I'll have my camera, and if I see any of the grizzly beasts, you will too.

If you don't hear back from me by the end of this week, assume I got too close to the bears during a photo-op.


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Comment by user rgktzqanfn
at 09/10/29 at 15:25 EST

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Comment by user awp
at 09/10/29 at 19:05 EST

Is that you, Remdawg? I never wrote a BBCode parser, what's that [link] doing there?

As a side thought, however, I should really add a "preview" button of some sort. It'd take like 10 minutes to code, probably.

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