Cloudy with a chance of syntax errors
10/11/17 at 19:43 EST

Decided to finally implement an automatic tagging system. I missed a spot, but fixed it before finishing this sentence (this sentence took me a long time to write).

Also decided that if I wanted to limit the content of this website to a weblog about this website, my sparsely interesting life, and any creative (read: hacky) solutions I dream up while coding, then it's only going to become dustier and dustier. Gonna try to mix things up for a bit to alleviate that dread. Although, I should note that the game I've been working sporadically on has made strides through the most arduous of tasks, and would be smooth sailing from this point on were I to have the conviction.

On a side note, quite some time ago I bought a third party PS3 controller from Intec for multiplayer (on that one multiplayer PS3 game I have that doesn't involve plastic instruments) at about half the price of a brand-name controller. Admittedly, a short walkthrough is required to get the damned controller to connect (note here that the instructions provided by the manufacturer were, in fact, wrong) but once you learn those secrets it was a pretty solid unit. The analog sticks are more comfortable than a vanilla PS3 controller and it has a wimpy turbo feature that comes in real handy for button mashing extravaganzas like, say, a Scooby Doo homage in any God of War game.

Unfortunately, quite some less time ago, some people discovered how to play downloaded PS3 games off the hard-drive using a magical USB stick of some kind, and Sony's efforts to block the exploit have inadvertently destroyed the use of this particular Intec Wireless PS3 controller. That's the theory, anyway. If I'm wrong, do let me know, but a few firmware updates in the past, my controller was working on more than just my PC.
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Comment by user Adam
at 10/11/18 at 1:58 EST

My brother told me that they were outright blocking the use of PS3 knockoff controllers. Although his sources are mostly made up of "things I heard around the internet".

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