Nothing-A-Day 23
10/09/28 at 19:14 EST

Yesterday's analysis of Outlook's scalability was ill-timed if nothing else; I'm staring my Inbox down at this very moment as the Exchange Server sluggishly lobs another 6584 emails to my mound of 84029 unread messages. Oh, how swell.

Steak and Beer Day had to be postponed due to...some things, and as a result I'm still at work, with the sting of curry and pad thai lingering on my lips. "Working" late (it's a much nicer term than 'idling', I say) in exchange for free food - every cloud has a silver lining.

I'll probably do some poking around the site for updates if I have the time to spare for it, but I've got the feeling I'm only going to make things worse. Execution context is a harsh mistress.

Time to go wonder why my Scott Pilgrim books haven't shipped yet.
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