Nothing-A-Day 21
10/09/26 at 23:52 EST

Yesterday was a bit of an adventure. Some friends and I went to Toronto on what has been referred to on more than one occasion as a Scott Pilgrimage. If you mosey on over to the Photo Gallery there will be a section for Toronto, including some little tid-bits of info and references to locations in the Scott Pilgrim books/movie. It's a little...lacking, for now, but the primary goal of the trip was to hit up the Sonic Boom and spend too much money on CDs, a task completed marvelously. Of course, a bomb threat closing off half the TTC didn't help, but we were still able to make a day of it.

A part of me is certain that I'm missing something, here, but I can't seem to bring it to light. Ah well, life goes on.

Gonna have to take my backup backpack to work tomorrow, as my primary mode of portable storage became damaged when a subway I wanted to board tried to close on me. I was surprised by the force they exhibit; being accustomed to machinations that, upon detecting an opposing force, reopen, the TTC Subway doors caught me off guard in their eagerness to shut firmly and ended up striking me hard enough to leave a mark and tear one of the arms off my backpack. Wasn't enough to stop me, though.
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