And then it was perfect...until more bugs were found
09/09/27 at 17:20 EST

So I think all the immediately apparent bugs have been worked out of the post submission engine to the point that it is now usable (I would never be so brash as to assume it was bug free; I for one happen to know that as of the year 2100 my tm_year formatting will become ugly) and all that remains is porting the rest of the code over to a new subdomain, which will require a bit of reformatting on my part. Nothing too serious. Also redesigning the background and look of the post image backgrounds.

After that, I will probably at some point rearrange the overall look and feel of it to be acceptable for smaller resolutions, given the rising popularity of Netbooks (or "Baby's First Laptop" as myself and some colleagues refer to them) and it would be selfish of me not to consider those of us browsing the web on the back of any deity that doesn't fit the description of an immolating vulpine.

All in good time. Oh, before I forget

test test

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