Nothing-A-Day 20
10/09/24 at 00:00 EST

At long last, I have finished (one third of) Birth By Sleep. I must admit, it was a tough journey, but a hell of a ride. It became apparent to me that I've been doing it wrong from the get-go, however: the game is essentially split up into three story modes, one per "main character", and the main character I chose happened to be the one that missed out on the explanation of what the hell was going on. If it weren't for the Information blurbs during event fights, I wouldn't have even known the name of the breed of creatures I was fighting until the climax, and even then, it wasn't until minutes before the game's end that I found out what they were.

Looks like I've got another 20 hours of play to keep me entertained before the collection phase comes into play. Not sure how I sit with the division of the game into thirds - something of this design is generally done to pad a short game into a larger one with minimal effort, and that appears to be exactly what's been done here. However, the order of events, which events are presented, and the play style vary widely enough to distract from the fact that it's a petty gimmick. As if it were necessary - I'm the kind of person who played through the original Kingdom Hearts with each weapon combination, and then some.

Well, I'm hopping from one spiky-haired silly-sword-wielding adventurer to another. Tomorrow might be another one of those "Not even Nothing" days. Full of adventure and exploration, you see. Pity adventure and exploration lack wi-fi.
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