Nothing-A-Day 19
10/09/23 at 01:21 EST

Another day, and my duty once again goes un-shirked. I've been thinking about this little game lately, and I can attest right now that once October rolls around I'll be back to the once-a-month updating scheme.

This is pretty much a live journal right now. Apart from the Pac-Man earrings, I haven't done anything constructive with my spare time lately, and a baseless fear of jail-time keeps me from discussing the musings of my work life, so all I'm left with are my day to day experiences. And they're not very interesting - not to me, not to you, and not to anyone who knows me personally. (Fun with math: identify all the subsets of the above master set!) This month has primarily been nothing more than an online diary, and I can't fathom why it would appeal to anyone to read it. The satisfaction I get from it lies in knowing that I'm looking at something I created from scratch using nothing more than my own designs. Can't say the same for you, though I do wish I could throw you a bone.

The "House-warming" in "House-warming party" ended up being a lot more literal than I'd expected. I'm not really familiar with the traditional paradigm, but it seems to me that the underlying intent of a House-warming party is to invite several people over to the house that needs warming, and allowing the accrued humans to generate and emit an increased level of body heat, thus increasing the temperature of the dwelling. It worked, of course.

Stephen R. Covey would not be happy with me if he saw me tonight - evidently I've still got some work to do on that whole initiative thing. It was a good ride for a while, but at around 11:30 I encountered that "I am now overstaying my welcome" feeling, but I decided to idle for another hour before doing something about it. Personal experience and a lifetime of tragic, broken dreams has taught me that waiting for my situation to act on me is a terrible idea because it takes longer to get something done than Tech Support from India. Still gotta work on that initiative thing, evidently.

If it saves anyone from a trip to Wikipedia, Covey wrote a book called "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" which to some length talks about taking initiative. That's what the dawn of the fourth paragraph was referencing. It wasn't meant to be humorous so don't lose any sleep over it. No pun intended.
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