Nothing-A-Day 17
10/09/21 at 01:20 EST

It astounds me to a degree to say that I had a wonderful time working overtime at work today, as any traces of sarcasm are traces at best - there's a perverse pleasure to be had in contributing to society that self-indulgence of another nature can't provide. All of the Foosball played during the weekend seems to have had a notable effect, however, and that portion of my job description seems to be improving much more linearly than my primary function. The whole communication thing is what's holding me back. You know what I mean?

Added the Projects section to the website. Took me longer to implement than I'd projected, but it was a pretty smooth process. After adding the Projects section, I of course added the project I've been working on for the past week. That's where all of today's content is, so enjoy it.

Fortune smiled upon me once again at the Value Village today: I found a 5-way A/V switcher box. Not 3, not 4, but 5 - and that's fantastic. It even came with console labels on it (most of which were re-purposed). At any rate, changing the channel on my CRT TV to play different consoles is now a thing of the past: combining my 5-way and 4-way switchers, I can support up to 8 consoles (that's n-1 ports if you want them all to use a single channel).

It's late, I'm sleeping.
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