Nothing-A-Day 16
10/09/20 at 00:16 EST

Well, I'm bushed. Went hiking, crawling through caves, wading through rivers, setting fires, and forgetting to bring essentials on a trip yesterday, and still feeling some of the effects today. To be specific on these effects: my shoes are still soaked. Got plenty of pictures from the adventure but I'd like to try and advocate a no-people photo policy on this website - it's arbitrary, but so far it has been a trend. Minus those smiley faces.

At any rate, my little side project has gone off into the wild, free at last from my hands. Will post pictures tomorrow, after I've put together another page on the website to accommodate it. Over the past week I spent what energy I had crafting together a pair of Pac-Man earrings for a friend of mine. The frustrations encountered whilst gathering the resources and implementing the design paled in comparison to the reception they received. Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the whole thing.

My brain has evidently gone flat. I'm going to get some much needed rest. Tomorrow, with any fortitude, it's back on the C# coding train for me. I've got some stuff I want to develop that will put the fun back into function.
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