Nothing-A-Day 15
10/09/17 at 00:08 EST

It's done. My little side project turned out relatively successful. The last step, the presentation...Well, let's not get into that.

Went to that there Foosball tournament today. It was a fun experience, but to sum it up real quick, there are pros and cons to it:

-Free food
-Free Beer
-An opportunity to socialize on not-a-weekend

-Had to drive through Waterloo to get there (I'll rant on this later)
-Had to drive in Waterloo traffic to get there (see previous remark)
-People there were smelly
-Had to rush home to get laundry done before laundromat closed (made it with about 45 seconds to spare, no lie)

Apparently I'm going camping tomorrow (it's not a complete surprise; the idea's been up in the air for about a week) so don't expect to hear a bunch of nothing until Sunday. Coming soon: updates, featuring content!
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