Nothing-A-Day 06
10/09/07 at 01:37 EST

Round two, fight!

Tonight marks the first night in my life where I've gone to a movie theater to see a movie I've already seen in a movie theater. Pilgrim managed to maintain (and in a couple instances provide a fresh dose of) humour and interest in a second viewing on a level rivaling the first.

Birth By Sleep is officially out now, yet I don't feel that tingly sensation that I've felt in the past with new Kingdom Hearts games, though 358/2 Days should have been my first clue. I was both excited and delighted when I had it in my hands, but the effect seems to dim with each post-KH2 release. I was so unbelievably jazzed when I got my copy of KH2, in part because of the immense anticipation, and in part because I actually got my copy early by a couple days. At any rate, I think I'll be spending my evenings getting comfy with my hammock for the next week or two. I was impressed to see that Squenix are attempting to subvert the UMD's design flaws by having a "Download Data" feature included in the game which, as the name suggests, allows the game to download its data onto the memory stick so disc reads can be kept to a minimum in favour of faster memory card reading. Sounds like the game pushes the PSP beyond its limits though; I also hear tell of the game lagging/getting poor frame rates at intense moments. Well, I'll see for myself.
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