Blog submission attempt number two
09/09/27 at 21:09EST

So this time around I should have the time auto-generated based on whatever locale the server is running on; if it's correct I won't have to tinker with it, so that's nice.

I should also have my linebreaks parsed and correctly handled as well, so let's see how that goes. Using both my apostrophes and "quotes" as well. I don't expect it to cause any problems but who knows. I know back in the day when I used to mess around with Dr. P's website I had that problem. It's easy to fix if it is a problem, though. Here goes.

Footnote: Mostly works. I forgot to properly format a hyperlink, and timezone is both wrong and lacking proper formatting. I'll fix that in a jiffy, too. Damn, apostrophes and quotes come with complimentary 's. I'll have to fix that, too.

EDIT, date/time fixed.
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