IP Recognition Completed
10/06/08 at 01:33 EST

The IP Recognition feature is now complete and, after very basic testing, seems to be working. You should now only need to go through the trouble of providing a name and entering a CAPTCHA once. Well, "once" - this assumes that you only comment once before it gets stuck in my message queue and subsequently approved. Basically, once I've approved the first message from any given IP address, the rest will be auto-approved. There are still many tweaks to be done, but for now it's good.

I have some grave news, on the other hand. At roughly 10:35pm today, 22 of my comrades have fallen, never again to experience life. The lower battery connector pin, which I broke off when replacing the battery in my Pokemon Silver cartridge, came loose earlier today, effectively wiping my cartridge data. I've repaired it as effectively as I repaired it earlier, which means in another 15 hours of game time I will again lose everything I have grown to love. Rather than suffer that heartbreak again, I'm just going to buy a soldering iron and fix it properly.

By the way, a word of caution to the home viewers: you cannot presently change your username once you've made an approved comment. This feature will come eventually, but I'm sure you all know by now how timely I am when it comes to implementing these things. I'll also be posting some informal "rules" at some point as well regarding commenting etiquette, but for the time being please observe two suggestions:

1 - Don't be a douchebag. This includes flooding, spamming etc. and excessive vulgarity.
2 - Don't pretend to be someone else. If the someone else you're trying to be contacts me saying that you're not them, I will ban you.

Gawd dammit I had 7 badges and a crack team of two good, two okay and two mediocre pokemon, too...
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Comment by user Droney~
at 10/07/26 at 23:35 EST


Poor pokemon! ='( Go fix it properly now!

Also cool comments thingy. =P

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