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10/06/07 at 00:28 EST

I've decided to begin implementation on a long-overdue feature addition to the site. I don't foresee a particularly long development time; all the difficult parts are done. On the other hand, don't blame me if the comment system is broken for the next couple days though.

Well, okay, if it is broken, it is entirely my fault. But you know how I love this lax, unprofessional development method, right? Actually, it just occurred to me that I can very easily take a safer development approach, but if I didn't break anything tonight - and I feel safe enough that I didn't - it might provide me with some preemptive real data to use. Not to mention my curiosity.
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Comment by user Remmy
at 10/06/08 at 1:07 EST

Two cents

Comment by user Remmy
at 10/06/08 at 1:19 EST

third cent, just because you're my bro

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