Cactus Band and Pre-Natal Days
10/05/09 at 20:43 EST

This year's birthday turned out to be much more eventful than it's been in previous years. Drove down to Guelph Friday night to rest up early for the treasure hunt the next day. I failed to mention this, but I picked up an old Atari 2600 last week and part of the goal yesterday was to locate and acquire the missing pieces necessary to get the ol' wood-grain console running: an adapter to plug the RCA cable into post-1990 TVs and an actual game to play it with, as mine did not come with any. That was rather successful.

I've gotten the hang of Donkey Kong Jr and its hilarious artwork, but the third iteration of stage 3 moves too fast to be enjoyed. Damn timing windows are smaller than the number of people who will read this sentence.

News almost rivaling the quality of goodness above was that I'd finally found a copy of TMNT4: Turtles in Time for the SNES. I didn't have much cash on me, but was able to haggle about 31% of the price away, picking it up for $20. That was another treasured find.

Less exciting, I was present at Porcupine Tree's 2010 Toronto gig, and heard the The Incident album for the first time. It had its moments, its ups and its downs, but I firmly believe that had I been familiar with the music I would have been into it more: this was evident when songs from Deadwing, Fear of a Blank Planet and Anesthetize came on. There was some joy in familiarity there, and I thoroughly enjoyed such performances as "Way Out of Here".

Today proved pretty constructive as well; I've further tuned my bike brakes, so they actually stop the bike now. Hopefully with this improvement I won't get hit by any more cars. Using the drill I got for Easter (yes, you read that correctly: power tools for religious holidays is how my family rolls) I was able to install some mending brackets into my Gamecube's chassis, so it can handle the weight of the scotch mints inside it. It's nice to make use of the handle the way it was meant to be used, rather than babying the unit.

I'm finally in the market for a electronic drum kit. I've been eying the Roland v3 drum series, and the Internet has revealed a few resellers in proximity to me, but I'm now burdened with the communication aspect of it, which I never do well on: the merchants I am in communication with are almost always bad at communicating back.

Fingers crossed, drumsticks at the ready, and Rock Band 2 filling the void in the meantime.
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