Scrub sauce
10/04/21 at 22:08 EST

I was doing the dishes moments ago. With my forearms submerged in soapy water and a cloth clutched in one hand, I couldn't help laughing at the dishes in the sink:

This might need explaining.

I bought a Gamecube a few months back in part to have an inexpensive toy to play around with, but primarily because I wanted some kind of nerdy lunch box that went beyond Prinnies. Unfortunately there isn't a great deal of volume inside a Gamecube, so I re-purposed it as a candy jar. Turns out, the Gamecube is useful for more than just playing video games and holding candy.

Sparing the unnecessary details, there was a leftover container of scrub sauce from Scrubway at work on Friday that I offered to take home and consume, in an effort to reduce food waste. Being as I am, I forgot about my obligation and left the container of scrub sauce at work when I went home. For the better, I suppose, since the container it was in was rather flimsy and leak-prone, and I needed a solid holding unit to transport the container safely, so that the damage would be minimal if it did in fact leak. Of course, I had the perfect tool for the job.

Long story short: I placed the sauce container in the Gamecube, biked home, retrieved the container, and voila: container leaked all over the Gamecube's innards, but was still salvageable. No mess in my backpack, to boot.

I'd say Nintendo makes pretty solid products.
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