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10/01/20 at 22:08 EST

Layers of digital dust have accumulated on my RSS feed - what have I been doing? I was at the home page, looking over my "successful" attempt to break post #37 using an injection in post #38, when my eyes fell to post #36's comments on my TWEWY hack, which ended in speculation.

Yes, I've succeeded in writing a patcher - in fact, the day after #36 was written, I'd developed a patcher that can take a LEGAL digital copy of TWEWY (tested PAL, may work with NTSC/U and NTSC/J but those are untested at present) and re-write the game script with the file I am/was developing. I've gotten around working with the script pretty well, but the process is extremely slow, and took perhaps a hearty 12 hours to re-write just the first day, excluding all UI elements, some of which I do not know how to hack. I imagine I could easily edit the script handler within the game to allow greater control of dialog, but I see it strictly as exploratory at present; I certainly do not have that kind of time to burn any more.

What with getting a job and all.


(It's a real job, too!)

On an unrelated note, it's high time I logged a few more hours into Torchlight. I'll update various page(s) of this website sooner or later, but I haven't done anything interesting in a while so don't have high hopes for anything.
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Comment by user Dr.P
at 10/03/13 at 20:35 EST

You should update this more :D

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