Uneventful Days
09/10/28 at 10:50 EST

I've been meaning to write something as soon as something interesting has happened, but if I really wait that long I imagine some people would just assume my death is what resulted in this site's inactivity.

The bill for my car was a tad staggering given the mistake I had made; it was certainly money I would have rather spent elsewhere, but the fortunate thing was that the fellow I had purchased the car from was able to get the car up and running the next day, so I was able to make a second attempt to voyage to Mississauga before my parents left town for good.

Improvisation has always been an asset to me - which is good, because geography has not. Luckily I was able to travel most of the way here without making a directional mistake, and when I did, I was able to scramble about and wind up in a plaza in Mississauga barely a few blocks away from my brothers house. When I asked him to meet me there (something that wouldn't be necessary if I only had a map) he arrived on foot, which was a rather welcome sight.

So here I am, in an apartment building in Mississauga, sleeping on the charity that is my brother's futon - but he doesn't seem bothered at all; bad timing or not there's a cynical pleasure in knowing that he is currently the only member of my immediate family that has a job or a permanent address.

When I first arrived, the part of town where my brother lives was hit particularly hard with an infestation of Asian Ladybird Beetles ("ladybugs" to the common folk) and due to sloppy engineering, they're able to get inside the apartment through gaps and channels in the patio doors. I would have taken some impressive photos of the sheer volume of Asian Ladybird Beetles that I'm talking about, but my camera was packed away on Day 1 and there hasn't been a warm day since. Their numbers are notably fewer as the temperature drops, just like their numbers are notably fewer when they manage to enter the apartment to face an untimely demise. The exact numbers are unknown, but our kill count currently exceeds 300, by a considerable margin.

I'd like to resume development on this website, but apart from getting IE to co-operate with CSS, I'm a bit at a loss of where to go next. As a result, I've been playing around with C# again, and I'm kind of enjoying it. Took a look at a program I started writing (more as a proof of concept than anything else) and began refactoring the offensively sloppy code. If I can get it to work the way I see it working, I'll be having lots of fun with it - and maybe you will, too.
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